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6 Data-Driven Benefits of Using a Lead Generation Service


What’s your biggest concern as a marketer? Most marketers measure success based on leads. If your marketing is generating leads, you’re doing well. If it’s not, you may need some outside help.

Hiring a lead generation service to fill your sales pipeline will free you up to focus on other marketing tasks.

You may be able to focus more on nurturing leads through the sales funnel, or providing your salespeople with useful marketing materials. If nothing else, you’ll be able to rely on lead generation experts to find the types of leads that your company needs.

As a marketer, you rely on data to fuel your decisions. There is a lot of data out there to back up the idea that lead generation services can help companies drive revenue.

In the article below, you’ll find a list of six benefits to hiring lead generation services. Each of these benefits is backed up by industry data. Read on to find out why lead generation services might be a smart idea for your marketing team.

1. Most Marketers Are Primarily Concerned With Generating Leads

The numbers show that marketers are highly focused on lead generation. 91% of marketers say lead generation is priority number one. With this in mind, it makes sense that marketers would seek out lead generation services for help.

If a lead generation service can take care of your primary concern, you can focus on other marketing tasks. Whether you need B2B lead generation services or B2C lead generation, you can outsource lead generation and take a huge task off your plate.

2. Lead Generation With Marketing Automation Delivers More Leads

When you’re looking for a company to help with your lead generation strategy, try to find a business that uses marketing automation software. 80% of marketers trust marketing automation to deliver more leads.

This makes sense because marketing automation allows you to send more emails to more leads. Marketing automation software also helps you target leads at the right time with automated strategies. You’ll save time and enjoy a more efficient marketing process.

3. It’s Smart to Hire Outside Help for Lead Generation

It’s always a good idea to hire experts to do tasks that your team may not have the time or resources to handle themselves. The data backs up this point. Outsourced lead generation has been shown to deliver 43% more leads than in-house efforts.

While your in-house team has to focus on all sorts of different marketing tasks, a lead generation company can focus solely on lead generation.

When you hire a lead generation service and immediately see 43% more leads than you were getting with in-house efforts, it’s easy to see a return-on-investment.

4. Lead Generation Services Are Especially Helpful in B2B

Most people who work at B2B companies understand that leads take a while to turn into sales. That’s why it’s so important to fill the sales pipeline with new leads.

This requires a different approach than you might take if you were running a B2C company. At a B2B company, leads usually turn into sales very quickly.

B2B companies have to constantly drive new leads, but many companies struggle with this. 68% of B2B companies struggle with lead generation. If your B2B company is having a hard time filling the sales pipeline with new leads, it may be time to use outsourced sales lead generation services.

5. Lead Generation Tools Give You Better Data

One of the biggest benefits of using a lead generation service is the fact that you get detailed data about your leads. The best lead generation companies use tools like marketing automation software and customer data platforms to deliver insights about who your leads are and where they come from.

Lead generation companies also use conversion tracking tools that show how well your marketing is working.

This is a big benefit because 25% of marketers aren’t able to track their conversion rates. If you can’t track your conversion rates, you don’t know which marketing campaigns are delivering leads.

Without this type of detailed data, you run the risk of spending money on ineffective marketing campaigns.

Lead generation services can help you eliminate wasteful marketing spending. It can also help you identify the campaigns that are working, so you can increase your marketing budget to spend more on successful campaigns.

6. A Lead Generation Service Can Help You Get Quality Leads

What does a high-quality lead look like for your company? You probably have an idea of the type of person or business that you’re trying to attract. That’s why it’s frustrating when your marketing doesn’t deliver leads that line up with your expectations.

If you struggle to find high-quality leads for your sales pipeline, you aren’t alone. 68% of B2B marketers need higher quality leads. Lead generation services can help you target the kinds of customers you want.

They can also track lead data to find out which marketing delivers high-quality leads, and which marketing delivers junk leads that fall outside your target audience.

Now You See the Value of Lead Generation Services

If your in-house marketing team is struggling to find leads, there’s very little risk in hiring outside help. Outsourcing your lead generation allows you to rely on lead generation experts who have years of experience with this important task. Are you ready to hire a lead generation service for your business? If so, get in touch with the lead generation experts at Smarketing Cloud.

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