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💰 Agency Partner Program

Unleash Growth with Our Agency Partner Program

Are you ready to supercharge your agency’s success? Join our Agency Owner Partnership Program and give your clients the marketing magic they deserve.

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As an Agency Partner, you’ll leverage our all-in-one Digital Marketing platform for your clients. Enjoy revenue sharing, priority support, and more. Say farewell to manual tasks and welcome a streamlined marketing strategy with effortless automation. Let technology do the heavy lifting for you.

Lead Management

Track and nurture leads from initial to conversion, with a complete view of their interactions.

Streamline your Marketing

Automate repetitive tasks and create efficient workflows to save time and improve results.

Targeted Campaigns

Segment your audience and deliver personalised campaigns for maximum engagement across, multiple channels.

Automation and AI

Harness AI and automation to achieve more with less. Grow your agency smartly with automated marketing and AI assistance.

Earn 20% for every referral and 5% of every sub-referral.

For life! 

It’s simple. This is a cash move for you. When you send signups, you earn monthly recurring revenue. As a Agency Partner, We take your role seriously. You’re a marketer. You’re a shaker. You’re an influencer. You can reach people in your sphere far more effectively than we ever could.

This is why we reward our Agency Partners the way we do. For everyone who signs up under your referral, you get a 20% cut of the price they pay. For everyone your referrals sign up, you get 5% of their referral revenue.

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White Label Marketing Platform 3
White Label Marketing Platform 4
White Label Marketing Platform 5

We're revolutionising cloud-based marketing.

And you can make serious money helping us do it!

As a Smarketing Cloud Agency Partner, you’re doing easy work for recurring revenue, also known as passive income! This is safer than collecting dividend checks, easier than managing rental houses, and more lucrative than earning AdSense pennies. 

Smarketing Cloud Agency Partners can depend on the checks rolling in for as long as your referrals remain members.

Offer and monetise white label solutions from a network of talent.

Let us do the heavy liftings

Help your clients succeed online with website design, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, multi-channel advertising, social media marketing, and more white-label services.

Our co-branded dashboard represents your agency as their dedicated marketing team and points clients back to you.

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White Label Marketing Platform 7



Marketing agencies comprise the most active sector of our customers, and they also represent a massive component of our Reseller community. Agencies often refer Smarketing Cloud to their clients or to other agencies.


Marketing consultants have gained a degree of trust and respect with their client base. As such, they are in an ideal position to become a trusted Resellers and refer Smarketing Cloud to other companies, marketers, marketing departments, etc. 


The marketing freelance community is vast, and freelancers are a veritable army of influential solutions spreaders . You are active online, in private Facebook groups and LinkedIn communities your right blogs and share videos. 

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