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Engage new leads & Grow Revenue with outbound
sales Automation

Smarketing is a B2B sales automation app that helps B2B businesses set up their own outbound sales engine. This tool helps with all outbound sales management, including lead generation, email marketing, and webinars.




sales software that makes it easier to directly connect with prospects and turn them into warm leads.

align sales & marketing With process automation

“Done for you Service”

Outbound Email Marketing

Our creative team of copywriters will craft subject lines and email messages that get prospects to respond positively and schedule meetings with you.

Sales Automation Software
Sales Automation Software

Target Your Ideal Customers

Profile Your Ideal customer.

Our communication and research experts analyzes your target audiences to identify your customers’ characteristics (demographics, psychographics, needs) and activity (pain points, language/jargon, triggers).

Always be Closing 24/7

Powerful Sales Automation Platform

All of your outbound sales campaigns are done with the company’s award-winning sales automation platform. You can view all of your campaigns and their data at any time, and when you want, you can also access them inside your account.

Sales Automation Software
Sales Automation Software 1

Reach Their Inbox Everytime

Email Setup & Deliverability Optimisation

Smarketing Cloud’s email deliverability team is here to help you ensure your emails get delivered. They monitor your send and acceptance rates, remove spam, and work with you to ensure you’re sending emails to the right addresses.

Integrations & Workflows

CRM Integration & Workflow Automation

Our team integrates your e-mail list with your customer relationship management (CRM) system. We can instantly add all of your contact information into the CRM and match you up with interested prospects based on their behavior in the past.

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Sales Automation Software 5

Track activity & Measure ROI

Revenue Attribution & Custom Reporting

Learn the details of how your outbound sale campaigns are performing and improve your results. Our outbound sales report reveals the individual steps of your sales funnel, broken down by client contact. A separate report shows you what areas have been most effective at generating revenue for your business.

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