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From candidate sourcing to sales enablement, and account-based marketing our data partners power a company and contact “firmo-graph” with world-class target market data across multiple verticals.



Cost per user licence
$ 129
  • 2.5 Billion Contacts
  • 1,000 Contacts p/m
  • ABM / Audience Ads SYNC

When you hear this objection, consider the cost of inaction, rather than the return on investment, which everyone else uses.

Let’s imagine you’re selling a B2B data software like Smarketing Cloud’s Firmographica.

The main challenge is salespeople spend just 40% of their time selling but spend 40% on research, googling company news, and scraping phone numbers and emails.

Firmographica reduces that time to 5% by allowing you to gather this information in one place.

Now say the salary of an SDR is $30,000, 40% time researching leads costs you $12,000.

Reducing that to 5% means it costs only $1,500 so a $10,500 difference.

If you have 20 SDRs, the cost of not having a strong data software costs you over $200,000.

So the question to help uncover the cost of inaction is:

“How much time does each of your sales reps spend researching leads vs actually selling to them?”

This will open the door to the cost of inaction.

What’s the cost of inaction for your deals?

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