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Fusion Events Doubles Revenue with Smarketing Cloud’s B2B Marketing Strategy

Summary: Fusion Events, a B2B event company based in Dublin, Ireland, was struggling to generate leads and grow their business. By working with Smarketing Cloud, they were able to map their target market and create a comprehensive marketing strategy that included social media, email, and ad campaigns.

As a result, they were able to break into the enterprise market and double their revenue in one year.

Background Information: Fusion Events is a B2B event company that specializes in creating custom events for corporations and businesses. They have been in operation for several years and have a strong reputation for creating unique and engaging events.

Challenge: Fusion Events was facing a challenge in generating leads and growing its business. They were not effectively reaching their target market and were struggling to stand out in a competitive industry.

Decision Process: Fusion Events decided to partner with Smarketing Cloud to help them develop a comprehensive marketing strategy. Smarketing Cloud took the time to understand Fusion Event’s target market and helped them create messaging that would resonate with their audience.

Solution and Implementation: Smarketing Cloud helped Fusion Events to create and execute a marketing strategy that included social media marketing, email marketing, and ad campaigns. They also created a variety of content such as blogs, social posts, and videos to help promote Fusion Event’s services.

End Results: The marketing strategy developed by Smarketing Cloud helped Fusion Events to break into the enterprise market and double their revenue in one year. They were able to generate more leads and close more deals as a result of their targeted marketing efforts.

Additionally, their social media following and website traffic increased significantly.

Overall, working with Smarketing Cloud was a game-changer for Fusion Events and helped them achieve their goal of growing their business.

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