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7 Ways Irish Ecommerce Brands Scale Their Marketing And Grow Their Revenue

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As an emerging and fast-growing sector, eCommerce in Ireland is predicted to continue its upward trajectory over the coming years. In fact, according to Statista, the number of Irish online shoppers is expected to exceed 4 million by 2022. In light of this trend, many businesses are turning to eCommerce as a way of selling their products directly to customers without having to invest in physical locations or employees.

It doesn’t come without its challenges, however. As an inherently digital marketplace, eCommerce poses unique marketing and growth challenges for brands operating across different geographies and sectors. Here are seven ways that successful Irish eCommerce businesses scale their marketing and grow their revenue.

Focus on the Customer Experience and User Experience

The foundation of all successful eCommerce businesses lies in creating a seamless customer experience and a great user experience. For this reason, brands will do well to consider their customer journey and its different stages, including the path to purchase, the point at which customers interact with your brand’s website or app and the post-purchase experience. In terms of the former, the importance of branding becomes clear. Investing in consistent and high-quality branding across all touchpoints, including product listings, customer service, packaging, etc., will go a long way towards building customer trust and loyalty.

In the same vein, brands should ensure that their checkout process is simple, seamless and efficient. Offering payment options that are convenient and easy to understand goes a long way towards increasing conversions. Moreover, brands should ensure that their websites or apps are easy to navigate and that information is easy to find. Customers should be able to easily find the products they’re looking for, as well as any supporting information, like size charts or similar items that they might also be interested in.

Leverage CRM data and marketing automation

One of the most effective ways to scale your eCommerce marketing efforts is by leveraging customer relationship management (CRM) data and integrating it with your marketing automation platform. For example, with the help of CRM integrations, you can identify customers who are the most engaged with your products and who have visited your website but have yet to make a purchase. By using this knowledge to target them with personalized email campaigns, you can increase your revenue by driving these customers to complete their purchases.

Furthermore, by using your CRM data to inform your email marketing strategy, you can create hyper-personalized email campaigns that are likely to resonate more strongly with customers and increase click-through rates.

Partner with Influencers to grow your audience

Building a strong and engaged community of customers is crucial for eCommerce brands looking to scale their marketing efforts. And the best way to do that is by partnering with relevant influencers who can help drive your brand’s message and connect with your target audience.

With the help of influencer marketing, you can reach new audiences and expand your reach without having to spend a lot of money on marketing. By partnering with relevant influencers, you can also diversify your brand’s marketing efforts, increasing your reach and growing your customer base. By creating product campaigns that are tailored to the influencers’ audiences, you can also increase product awareness and drive more sales.

Go omni-channel

Another way to scale your eCommerce marketing efforts is by going omni-channel. By combining your online and in-store strategies, you can reach more customers and increase sales. For instance, by enabling click-and-collect services at your physical retail locations or facilitating same-day shipping from your warehouses, you can encourage customers who prefer to shop in person or who live too far from your stores to purchase online. Similarly, by selling your products through other channels, like through your wholesale partners or at in-flight retail locations, you can reach customers and grow your revenue. By integrating your eCommerce website with your retail partners’ websites, you can give your partners access to your customer base and increase sales across multiple channels and geographies.

Get the most from your email marketing campaigns

Email is one of the most cost-effective and scalable marketing strategies available to eCommerce brands. By using email marketing campaigns to drive customer engagement and promote your brand and products, you can grow your revenue without having to invest in new channels.

By segmenting your email lists and creating targeted campaigns that speak to your customers’ interests and needs, you can increase click-through rates and encourage engagement. By sending your customers helpful and relevant emails, you can keep them regularly engaged with your brand and encourage them to make more regular purchases. For example, you can send out weekly or bi-weekly newsletters that highlight your latest products or sales, or send emails to let customers know when their orders have been shipped.

Utilize Video and Shopping Ads

The best way to engage customers and encourage them to make purchases is through relevant and compelling content. Engaging videos can drive more customers to your site and increase conversions, and can be especially useful when promoting new products or brands. By creating product or brand-focused videos and promoting them across your marketing channels, you can increase product awareness and drive more sales.

Additionally, shopping ads are another high-performing ad type that eCommerce brands can use to drive more sales and revenue. And while shopping ads are most effective when paired with visual content, such as video, they can still drive significant revenue when displayed without visuals. For example, brand-focused shopping ads can drive more revenue by prompting customers to visit your site and complete their purchases.


By following these tips, marketers can scale their strategies, reach more customers, and drive more revenue. With the help of customer insights and data, you can create personalized campaigns that resonate with your customers and drive higher engagement.

By investing in powerful and scalable marketing strategies, you can increase traffic and engagement, which will lead to more sales.

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