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customer data Processing

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Data Management

Connect, collect and organise all company contact data in one place. Get a 360 degree view of your contact network and their engagement with your business.

Smart Automation

Build always on marketing, sales and customer support flows that power your business engagement and communications across the entire customer journey.

Data Segmentation

Build trust and deepen relationships with powerful data segmentation that allows you to reach the right audience with the right message, across all communicate channels.

Business Inbox

Bring all your company communications into one smart company inbox. Allow teams to sell, provide support or send marketing messages in ways never possible.

brand communication channels

meet your digital market

Communication is an important tool in business

Email Marketing

Send targeted, timely, and personalised emails that help your business connect with prospects, engage your customers and drive organic sales.

Phone Calls & SMS

Get the best IP telecom and mobile SMS software for seamless outbound, or inbound customer support, sales and marketing initiatives. It's all one seamless integrated system.

Social Channels

Connect with customers on the platforms and apps they use every day. Engage your audience across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct and more.

Digital Advertising

Run smart omni-channel ad campaigns. Easily manage all your campaigns, audiences, and lead forms in one place, saving you time and streamlining your advertising efforts.

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do daily tasks better

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Brand Broadcasting

Connect your brand social channels and easily publish to all social platforms from one place. Manage your content calendar and measure result to make social work smarter.

Web Visitor Intelligence

Understand who's visiting your website and what content they're consuming. Turn anonymous traffic into company and contact lead data for better sales intelligence.

Auto Assist

Build brand loyalty and affinity with customer chat the runs 24/7. Create meaningful automated chat flows that delight your audience and solve support bottlenecks.

B2B Prospector

Gain access to your target market with high fidelity company and contact data. Direct access to 3 Billion records. Enrich your CRM with the data that matters.

The world has changed. Have you?

We live in a digital first world and our solution helps your business thrive. 

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One management tool across many channels.

Reach your customers across the entire lifecycle, from top-of-funnel outreach and lead generation to nurturing and conversion. Seamlessly connect all of your marketing channels and automate your cross-channel campaigns, resulting in increased sales and customer loyalty.

One management tool across many channels
Maximize efficiency of sales and marketing activities

Maximize efficiency of sales and marketing activities.

We combine the power of a CRM with the agility of marketing automation, all in one convenient place. With Smarketing Cloud, you can manage contacts, manage companies, build customer segments, build automations/workflows, measure ROI, and more.

Sit back as the AI behind the tool automatically distributes your budget across platforms to help you get the best return on ad performance, no need to monitor yourself.

Optimize your campaigns with an AI powerd assistant - Brandgorithm

Let's put your data to work...

Smarketing Cloud’s Data Activation Platform gives you a complete view of your market, prospects, and customers. Reach and engage target audiences, build personalized buyer journeys, and act instantly on intent signals across the customer lifecycle.

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