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Unleashing the Power of RevOps: Align Sales and Marketing Teams for Success with Smarketing Cloud

March 21, 2023


Revenue operations (RevOps) leaders continuously navigate a complex landscape filled with challenges, from misalignment between sales and marketing teams to the ever-evolving world of customer engagement. To achieve success, organizations must prioritize the alignment of their sales and marketing teams and adopt the right tools and strategies to overcome these obstacles. In this blog post, we’ll explore five solutions to streamline your RevOps and drive your organization’s growth, using Smarketing Cloud’s innovative tools and resources.

  1. Boost CRM Adoption with Automated Data Management using Smarketing Cloud

A common challenge in RevOps is poor CRM adoption, which often stems from issues with data quality and management. To build trust in your CRM and improve adoption, automate data management processes, such as matching, normalization, and deduplication, using Smarketing Cloud’s Data Management Suite. This powerful toolset enables you to maintain a clean and accurate CRM database that your sales team can trust.

For example, the Smarketing Cloud Data Cleansing tool can help you identify and remove duplicate records, correct data entry errors, and standardize data formats. Additionally, the Data Enrichment tool can automatically populate your CRM with valuable information from third-party sources, saving time on manual prospecting and ensuring your team has the data they need to succeed.

  1. Accelerate Lead Conversion with Automated Workflows in Smarketing Cloud

To effectively turn marketing qualified leads (MQLs) into sales qualified leads (SQLs), organizations must efficiently enrich and route leads to the appropriate sales teams. Smarketing Cloud’s Lead Management Suite enables you to create automated workflows that enrich incoming leads with valuable data points, enabling sales teams to act on leads quickly and efficiently.

By using Smarketing Cloud’s Lead Scoring and Lead Routing features, you can automatically assign leads to the right sales rep based on factors such as lead quality, industry, or employee size. These automated workflows eliminate manual work and better connect sales and marketing efforts, ultimately driving higher lead conversion rates.

  1. Implement Account-Based Selling Workflows at Scale with Smarketing Cloud

In today’s business environment, buying committees can include numerous decision-makers, making the sales process more complex. Smarketing Cloud’s Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Suite allows you to automate account-based selling workflows, providing your sales team with enriched buying committee contact data and helping them target the right decision-makers.

For example, with Smarketing Cloud’s Contact Discovery feature, you can automatically populate your CRM with contact data for key stakeholders within your target accounts. This enables your sales reps to approach accounts proactively and build relationships with all decision-makers involved in the buying process.

Additionally, Smarketing Cloud’s ABM tools enable more personalized and targeted marketing campaigns, ensuring that your marketing messages resonate with the right audience and support your sales team’s efforts.

  1. Enhance Speed to Lead with Automated Routing Assignments in Smarketing Cloud

To increase lead follow-up efficiency, automate routing assignments using rule-based workflows with Smarketing Cloud’s Lead Routing feature. An integrated routing system can automatically clean, enrich, and manage leads in real-time, ensuring the right sales rep gets the right lead quickly.

This will significantly reduce the time between a form fill and a phone call, leading to increased conversion rates. By leveraging Smarketing Cloud’s advanced automation capabilities, your sales and marketing teams can work more efficiently and effectively.

  1. Discover Target Accounts and Contacts with Smarketing Cloud’s Unified Platform at Scale

Identifying and selling to the right contacts within your target account list can be challenging, especially when your target list is underdeveloped. Smarketing Cloud’s advanced search capabilities enable you to automate the process of building a list of companies that fit your ideal customer profile (ICP) and provide this information to your sales and marketing teams for targeted campaigns.

For instance, Smarketing Cloud’s Account Discovery feature allows you to automatically search and build a list of companies based on your ICP criteria in bulk and at scale. This enables your team to uncover new account and company data much faster, driving quicker time to value for your data.

In addition, Smarketing Cloud’s Contact Discovery tool helps you contextualize customer contact data with additional buyer insights, such as intent data, for a more tailored sales process. By automating these processes, your sales and marketing resources can focus on your highest-fit accounts, resulting in increased engagement and buy-in.

Align Your Teams with Smarketing Cloud’s Unified Data Management

By adopting a unified RevOps platform like Smarketing Cloud, you can ensure full-funnel data accuracy and alignment across CRM and marketing automation tools. This allows your teams to easily segment campaigns, perform equitable lead distribution, and increase MQL-to-SQL conversion rates. Moreover, data-driven territory planning becomes effortless, further streamlining your RevOps processes.

In conclusion, strengthening the performance of your go-to-market efforts requires a sophisticated solution that aligns everyone around data they trust. Smarketing Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to help you overcome RevOps challenges and drive success for your organization. Visit smarketingcloud.com to learn more about how Smarketing Cloud can transform your RevOps strategy and accelerate your business growth.

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