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The all-in-one Marketing Dashboard for your eCommerce store

Manage all of the marketing tools, channels, and strategies that you need from one dashboard. It’s easy, convenient and saves you time.

Connect your store, sell more stuff

Serve personalized ads across devices on over 500 Premium Partner networks and exchanges. Together, with our partner, we’ve mapped an offline database of 265M+ companies and 70M+ contacts to 250M+ corresponding cookies and mobile device IDs.

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Reach your desired audience with highly intelligent targeting and retargeting across all screens. Harness first and third-party data, ISP, location, behavior, context, device and keywords to find the consumers most likely to engage, click or convert.



[ttbase_icon_box icon_fa=”sellsy” style=”two” heading=”R.T.B”]Leverage our R.T.B stream to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns. Our proprietary Brandgorithm™ technology lets you buy the best channel, placements, and inventory for your audience. Never miss out on customers or overpay for ad space again.


[ttbase_icon_box icon_fa=”share” style=”two” heading=”Retargeting”]Bring people back to your website by serving personalized ads across devices, the web, and social media. Our proprietary Brandgorithm™ technology makes sure you don’t miss out on customers or overpay for ad space.[/ttbase_icon_box]
[ttbase_icon_box icon_fa=”street-view” style=”two” heading=”Prospecting “]Attract new audiences to your website via the MediaMap™, our advertiser data co-op. By targeting audiences online that are similar to your existing customers, Smarketing Cloud’s DMP can automate and help achieve new customer acquisition.


[ttbase_icon_box icon_fa=”cubes” style=”two” heading=”Audiences “]Power your advertising with exclusive audiences that deliver unmatched performance. Match first-, second-, or third-party data with the Smarteting IDgraph™ to build custom segments. Execute precise customer targeting across TV, social, video, and mobile.


[ttbase_icon_box icon_fa=”paint-brush” style=”two” heading=”Dynamic Creative”]Take ad personalization to the next level and drive better performance across the web by showcasing products that are tailored to each individual’s browsing behavior. See 2x higher click-through rates and 40-50% lower CPAs across campaigns.


[ttbase_icon_box icon_fa=”sliders” style=”two” heading=”Optimisation “]Over time, our proprietary Brandgorithm™ technology calibrates and becomes increasingly precise. Our data science technology equips you to win the battle for consumer attention and makes sure you don’t miss out on customers or overpay for ad space.[/ttbase_icon_box]
[ttbase_icon_box icon_fa=”bar-chart-o” style=”two” heading=”Reporting “]We don’t hide performance, so you can monitor how Prospecting and Retargeting perform individually and together. Smarketing Cloud’s dashboard makes it convenient to fine-tune campaigns, and track performance.


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Powerful automation for online sellers

The end of tracking your Paid Media campaigns on different screens and tabs has finally come. With Smarketing Cloud’s multichannel technology, you can manage and automate all your PPC campaigns from a single platform.



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Streamline your marketing

We offer best-in-class digital media buying, creative services & audit services for brands. See how our approach to people-based marketing can enhance your paid social and display media campaigns today.


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