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Automate reliable lead to account matching and set your team up for ABM success with the right data and structure in an account-based world.

Only Target The Accounts That Matter

Laser focus your marketing efforts through account-based marketing (ABM)
[ttbase_icon_box icon_fa=”group” style=”two” heading=”Align “]Use our CDP to drive alignment with sales and marketing “smarketing” teams. Strategically focus on, and go after key accounts in a coordinated and collaborative way.


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Develop and build ideal account profiles. Search our company database for company characteristics such as the number of employees, industry, annual revenue, location, etc.


[ttbase_icon_box icon_fa=”street-view” style=”two” heading=”Target”]Lead finder uncovers key contact profiles at target accounts and 
helps identify key decision-making units within the accounts that are crucial to your company’s success.


[ttbase_icon_box icon_fa=”weixin” style=”two” heading=”Engage”]Engage based on account scores, job title, buying stage, and more. Deliver highly personalized messages across all channels, including email, web, ads, and mobile.


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Targeted Multi-channel Tactics

The power to target not only accounts but the decision-makers within them! Reach targets anywhere they are online—web, social, 
 mobile, office, and home.

Make stronger connections and shorten your sales cycle with personalized ads based on role, lead score, opportunity stage, and more.



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Account-Based Analytics

Measure the success of your account-based programs across target customers, segments, and channels in terms of pipeline and revenue.

Optimize results and drive critical intelligence to account teams, so they can respond to activity the moment it happens.


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