Shark Tank: FitFighter, Liftid Neurostimulation, Foam Party Hats, and Bee D’vine Honey Wine

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The Shark Tank welcomed guest Shark, Daniel Lubetzky, to join Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, and Robert Herjavec to hear the proposals of four companies trying to expand and grow their businesses. FitFighter, Liftid Neurostimulation, Foam Party Hats, and Bee D’vine Honey Wine came to the Shark Tank in hopes of finding the perfect partner willing to invest financially in their company in exchange for equity share. Three of these companies were successful in landing partnership deals with the Sharks.

FitFighter Partners With Daniel Lubetzky

Sarah Apgar, Iraq War veteran, Rugby All American and volunteer firefighter, developed her own method for helping others to get fit. To simulate fully charged fire hoses, Sarah created FitFighter to help public servants and military personnel get in shape and train using a real-world weight that has countless applications and various weight options. Sarah is seeking a $250,000 investment in exchange for 15% equity in FitFighter.

Although the Sharks love Sarah and all that she has accomplished, they are very concerned about her focus and the guiding strategy for FitFighter. She is working on various paths forward for her company between military sales and direct-to-consumer fitness apps. The Sharks are concerned that her focus is too splintered to be successful in either path. Daniel Lubetzky was willing to take a chance on Sarah because he feels that he will be able to help her streamline and focus her business. They agree to a $250,000 investment in exchange for 25% equity in FitFighter.

Liftid Neurostimulation Leaves the Shark Tank Without a Deal

Husband and wife, Allyson and Ken Davidov, came to the Shark Tank in hopes of landing a Shark who was willing to invest $200,000 in exchange for 10% of their company, Liftid Neurostimulation. Rather than drinking caffeine to keep the brain alert and attentive, the Liftid Neurostimulation device applies mild electro-currents to the frontal lobe which can promote focus and memory.

The Sharks are very unsure of this product, especially when they read all of the disclaimers that come with the product. Although transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is backed by 5,000 published studies, the Sharks do not feel that they want to take this journey with the Davidov’s. They had trouble connecting to the product and to Ken and Allyson as entrepreneurs. They declined to extend them a partnership offer.

Foam Party Hats Lands a Deal With Two Sharks

Mother and son, Grace and Manuel Rojas, came up with a unique business idea 15 years ago. While Grace was preparing for her daughter’s wedding in Venezuela, she decided to create custom, fun, foam party hats for the attendees at the wedding to enjoy. They were such a big hit that she and Manuel partnered to create a business that brings fun and joy to various kinds of events. They are seeking a $100,000 investments in exchange for 15% equity in their company, Foam Party Hats.

The Sharks love the concept and fun, custom designs that Grace has created. They feel that they can offer some assistance with helping them to narrow their focus and build their brand. Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner and Daniel Lubetzky feel that they can add value to Foam Party Hats, however, they have different ideas of how to achieve that. Daniel’s offer is contingent upon Manuel leaving his job as a chemical engineer, while Lori and Mark’s combined offer does not require him to quit his job. The duo decide to accept Lori and Mark’s offer for $100,000 in exchange for 25% equity in Foam Party Hats.

Four Sharks Partner On a Deal With Bee D’vine Honey Wine

Ethiopia native, Ayele Solomon, showcased his delicious mead, Bee D’vine Honey Wine, in the Shark Tank. In order to scale and grow his wine business, he is looking for a Shark that is willing to invest $750,000 in exchange for 20% equity. Ayele feels very passionate about growing his business because Mead is a very popular beverage in his home country, but also because he feels a social pull to ensure we are saving and growing bee colonies around the world.

The only Shark that is hesitant to partner with Ayele is Kevin O’Leary, who has a competitive wine business. The other four Sharks are very interested and feel that if they collectively partner, they can get Bee D’vine Honey Wine’s price down to a price point where they can sell much more and make more profit than they currently are today. The four remaining Sharks, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daniel Lubetzky, and Robert Herjavec, collectively offer Ayele $750,000 in exchange for a shared 40% equity in Bee D’vine Honey Wine. He excitedly agreed and excepted their offer.

What did you think about the businesses featured in this episode of Shark Tank? Would you invest in any of these companies? Were there any deals that you felt were unwise or may not return an investment? Would you have invested in Liftid Neurostimulation if you were a Shark? Start the conversation in the comments below!

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