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Account Based Marketing Agency and Software

Smarketing Cloud is an account-based marketing agency and software provider that aligns sales and marketing to an effective account-based marketing strategy



Account Based Marketing Services

Get the ball rolling and develop your strategy with ABM-specific services and consulting. Let us help you ensure the quickest time-to-value by shortening the ABM learning curve via add-on services:

  • Guidance of how Smarketing Cloud’s Marketing Software best practices and capabilities can support your ABM strategy
  • One-day onsite strategy workshop to help assemble your revenue teams
  • Build the right predictive target account lists using AI-powered Account Profiling
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Smarketing = Sales & Marketing Alignment

Pursue accounts in lockstep with sales with full visibility into both sales and marketing activity. Qualify the right opportunities faster and more efficiently together as one revenue team.

  • Coordinated sales playbooks
  • Sales engagement filters & triggers
  • Sales activity insights
  • Account activity insights
  • Marketing activity insights

Measurement & Attribution

Measure account engagement and the combined impact of sales and marketing activity. Understand which account-based experiences are creating the best ROI based on coordinated sales, marketing and advertising campaigns.

  • Turn-key account-level dashboards and reporting
  • Advanced report builder & performance insights
  • Basic & advanced account-level attribution & analytics
  • Marketo campaign & sales opportunity reporting
  • Full-funnel engagement, pipeline & revenue reporting
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Our A.I powered Demographic & Company Firmographic Database

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Ingest & Enrich

Upload or connect your current customer lists and watch as Firmographica enriches your ABM leads and accounts with rich data for sales and marketing personalisation.

Dynamic B2B Database

Easily enter your ICP and Target Accounts and our proprietary data modeling algorithm will build a lookalike company and contacts prospect list for your account based programs.

Advertising ID Matching

Firmo-Graph™️ converts contact and company identifiers to anonymous digital IDs for ad serving and deployment on DSPs and platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google.


Account Insights & Profiling

Collaborate on a shared strategy with sales and identify the right target accounts together using data and AI. Manage your target accounts from one place with speed, ease, and confidence.

  • AI-powered account profiling & selection
  • Fit, intent & engagement data enrichment
  • Predictive propensity scoring & account prioritization
  • Account list management & lead-to-account matching
  • Account engagement scoring & persona targeting
  • Predictive ideal customer profile models 
  • Easy-to-use custom model tuning
  • Account-level fit indicators & signals
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1ntelligent business apps

Account & Contact Discovery

Attract new and known contacts across the paid media and identify key personas within target accounts. Extend the reach of your account-based experiences by activating your ABM audiences from one centralized, convenient place.

  • Native ad network integrations
  • People & account-based audience matching
  • Centralized account audience activation
  • Integrated lead generation forms, activity filters & triggers
  • First party offline conversion data sync

Cross-Channel Engagement

Automate personalized account-based experiences with intelligent account nurturing. Create experiences that maximize opportunities and conversions no matter when and where account engagement takes place.

  • Intelligent account nurture automation
  • Native ABM engagement channels, campaigns & landing pages
  • Web personalization & predictive content
  • People and account segmentation & CRM sync
  • Lead management, routing & lifecycle modeler
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Predictive propensity scoring & prioritization

Save time by automatically ranking and prioritizing your target accounts using data and AI

  • Account-level propensity scoring
  • Predictive account ranking  
  • Automatic account prioritization


1) Identify Visitor Company

By looking at the site visitors’ IP address, Smarketing Cloud identifies which company the visitor is from. Along with the company name, other important data points are also provided – including domain, employee strength, revenue, industry, location, social links and more.

2) Filter Qualified Accounts

This is a two step process. First, existing customers are excluded so you don’t cross over with lower end funnel campaigns. Second, we filter only right fit accounts through to the net stage. All companies who do not match the ICP will be excluded to save on media budget.

3) Find Decision Makers

Select the job titles that are relevant to your business ICP. We will find these perfect prospects from our own database of more than 100M, validate their information in real time and create a highly targeted list with full profile details – like name, designation, email, LinkedIn profile etc.

4) Run Targeted Campaigns

The prospect’s profile is hashed & automatically added to our audience matching technology. Prospects are then entered into any ad or marketing automation campaigns to nurture them through your ABM funnel. This creates a much better brand recall and higher conversion rate.

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Account Based Marketing Tactics

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