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Social CRM

Rich Customer Data Profiles

You need an effective way to manage interactions with your prospects & customers. Without a Social CRM, you’re missing opportunities to build relationships and grow your business.
Social CRM gives you a central hub for managing all your customer data and interactions across all platforms. Adapt to customer behavior, engage in new ways, and understand customer insights much faster.
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Omni-channel Business Inbox

Finding it hard to keep up with all the website, social media, and messaging apps your customers are contacting you on. Don’t miss out on important messages or potential sales!

Omnibox brings all these apps together in one inbox for easy and seamless communications. You’ll finally have the tools you need to reach and engage with your customers across the channels they prefer.

Smart Customer Segments

Build Your Perfect Target Audience

You want to find the right customers for your product. Your target market is too small or too big, your message is not reaching them. Create smart customer segments using CRM data, behavioral data, demographic data, and campaign data.

Make sure your message always resonates by getting your message to fit your target market every-time.

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Brand Messaging & Assets Libary

Unified Brand Communications

Your brand messaging isn’t consistent across sales and marketing and your teams are wasting precious time writing the same copy over and over again.

Brand Messaging Centre lets you build unique, person-centric messaging that gets your message across to your customers in a way that makes sense to them. Create and manage personalized messages that inspire action, improve customer experience, and drives revenue growth.

all channels. one platform.

channels that support and communication your message along the entire customer journey

Smart Automation

Your Always On Sales Machine

Smart Automation helps teams build responsive communication with templates and triggers. You’ll save time, get more done and build motivations with your team. But, it’s not just about automating routine tasks, it’s about creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Convert potential into profit by building an always-on sales machine and automate marketing campaigns to run 24/7.
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Social Suite

Build A Social Brand Strategy

You keep forgetting to post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social Suite makes it easy to build your social media strategy and integrate with your brand’s other channels.
You can finally spend less time on social media and more time doing what you love. Follow the industry leaders and stay on top of trends.

Brand Insights

Measure What Matters Most

You’re in the middle of a sea of data, but you can’t figure out what matters. Brand Insights brings all your data together to give you context and actionable insights to identify the high and low-performing products, customers, and sales opportunities within your specific industry.
Become the CEO of your brand’s success. See how these insight power our marketing AI – learn more
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