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  • Marketing Cloud for Small Business

    Marketing Cloud for Small Business

    399 / 28 days
    • Sales & Marketing CRM
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing Suite
    • Omnichannel Business Messaging
    • Marketing Automation
    • Website Visitor Intelligence
    • Customer Segmentation
  • business messaging platform

    Business Messaging Software

    149 / 28 days

    Bring all your business communications into one manageable destination. Easily add and manage Email, SMS, Website Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct and more all in one place!

  • Omnichannel Marketing CRM

    Track, prioritize, and engage with customers on every channel.
    sMarketing Cloud is an omnichannel CRM platform that provides a comprehensive view of customer communications across multiple channels. We help marketers to improve customer relationship management by centralizing and streamlining their communications.
    We help provide marketers with the sufficient data they need to understand what sparks the interest of customers and help build and maintain relationships with their customers.

    What You Get:

      • Social CRM
      • Omnichannel Email, Chat, SMS, Social
      • Proactive Service
      • Actionable Integrations
      • Business Process Automation via our Workflow Engine
      • Standard and Custom Reporting
      • Satisfaction Measurement and Reporting
  • Website Visitor Intelligence

    Website Visitor Intelligence

    • Business Visitor Tracking > Know your visitors and find out which companies and potential customers are visiting your website and how to properly approach them to close the deal.
    • Behaviour Data > Gain sales intelligence on which pages your visitors are most interested in to ensure your sales team engages them more effectively.
    • Company information > Automatically populate your CRM with rich Company data. Link contacts and emails to the companies that visit your website or any company you search for.