Account Based Marketing

[cms_intro_marketing i_title=”Account Based Marketing (ABM)” i_sub_title=”Make your account-based marketing strategy a reality with visibility across each contact at the account level.” i_content=”Identify and target accounts with the greatest revenue potential. Engage them so they move more quickly through the sales funnel. And, easily measure the success of your efforts in terms of revenue won. Gain account targeting and management, personalized cross-channel engagement, and revenue-based account analytics, plus proven lead management functionality, in a single platform.” cms_template=”cms_intro_marketing.php” c_title=”#ffffff” c_sub_title=”#ffffff” c_content=”#555555″ bg_title=”#888888″ bg_sub_title=”#888888″]
[cms_button align_button=”center” button_text=”CONTACT SALES” color_text=”#ffffff” color_btn=”#75cdde” cms_template=”cms_button.php” link_button=””]
[cms_fancybox_single icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-user” title_item=”Personalise Communications ” cms_template=”cms_fancybox_single–layout5.php” title_color=”#555555″ decs_color=”#ffffff” description_item=”Organize automated campaigns with personalized communications based on the combination of overall account information and corresponding contact details.”]
[cms_fancybox_single icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-bar-chart” title_item=”Track Activity Across Accounts ” button_text=”Target key accounts” cms_template=”cms_fancybox_single–layout5.php” title_color=”#555555″ decs_color=”#ffffff” description_item=”Track contact activities with associated accounts to apply points and inform selection process and content strategy.”]
[cms_fancybox_single icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-sitemap” title_item=”Connect All Touch Points” button_text=”Target key accounts” cms_template=”cms_fancybox_single–layout5.php” title_color=”#555555″ decs_color=”#ffffff” description_item=”Keep other internal groups, like sales and customer success, informed about all account activity to deliver a better experience at every touch point for customers”]