ABM Software

B2B Marketing Platform

Target companies with personalised content and influence decision makers.

Personalise Communications

Organize automated campaigns with personalized communications based on the combination of overall account information and corresponding contact details.

Track Activity Across Accounts

Track contact activities with associated accounts to apply points and inform selection process and content strategy.

Connect All Touch Points

Keep other internal groups, like sales and customer success, informed about all account activity to deliver a better experience at every touch point for customers

Account-based Marketing

targets specific, high-value accounts to drive significantly higher ROI.

[stat_counter icon_size=”32″ counter_value=”97″ counter_suffix=”%” speed=”3″]

97% of marketers achieved a higher ROI with ABM than any other marketing strategy

[stat_counter icon_size=”32″ counter_value=”84″ counter_suffix=”%” speed=”3″]

84% of marketers say ABM outperforms other marketing initiatives

[stat_counter icon_size=”32″ counter_value=”96″ counter_suffix=”%” speed=”3″]

96% of B2B organisations say ABM positively impacts their marketing results

[stat_counter icon_size=”32″ counter_value=”92″ counter_suffix=”%” speed=”3″]

92% of marketers say ABM is a must-have strategy for B2B companies

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