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Business Messages

Engage customers at the moment of consideration

Google Business Messages


Put your brand on the map, literally

Engage your customer in the moment

Take advantage of the world’s most popular search engine

Convert high intent visitors through messaging

Potential customers are looking for answers and information on Google. Engage them through direct messaging, exactly when they’re considering your products. No landing page required.

Reduce costly phone calls and support operations

Research shows 75% of consumers prefer to engage brands through private, asynchronous messaging versus more traditional methods like phone calls. Give your customers their preferred option to reach out, while reducing operational costs.

Google Business Messages

Get better business results with the power of Google

There are 3.5 billion Google searches every day. Seize the opportunity with Google’s Business Messages using Smarketing Cloud’s powerful communications platform.
Improve conversion rates at a critical moment in the customer journey.
Customer support
Provide customers with answers from the moment search on Google.
Engage with prospects just as they consider your brand or service.
Unlock efficient workflows and cost reduction with automation and bots.

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Everything you need to to grow your brand and revenue online

Google Business Messages

We provide everything you need to to grow your brand and revenue online – at no extra cost! 

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