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We will run a free lead generation campaign as a trial and give your first 25 leads for free! 

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Email Marketing Service Process

We create direct email marketing campaigns that target your ideal prospects, and are designed to fill your inbox with sales opportunities.

market mapping

Market Mapping

Getting your hands on highly targeted, top-quality data sounds easy, but isn’t, especially cost-effectively and at scale. Sales teams can spend more than 60% of their day prospecting and only 40% actually selling or engaging with clients. To add to this, data erosion is an ever present headache contacts move jobs, change roles more frequently than ever before, which means Sales and Marketing teams need up to date, quality data to maximise engagement.

Smarketing Cloud provides a cost-effective solution through a mixture of technology and manual work to provide high quality, targeted data, ensuring the best quality results from any outbound campaign. As a result, you or your team’s time is spent selling and engaging with prospects to achieve growth.

Email Outreach

Outbound email is one of the most cost effective, less intrusive, most engaging, lead generation tools available and when done correctly response can far outstrip cold calling, and provide a very quick ROI compared to Inbound strategies. However, building an effective outbound campaign takes a variety of skills and hiring a team to execute this at scale can be costly and take time.

Email marketing agency Dublin, Ireland can help in effectively setting up an expert outbound team at a fraction of the cost, with expert copywriters, campaign managers, and strategists all in one place to effectively run and optimise your campaign to get the best results.
email outreach

Appointment Setting

One of the biggest challenges a business can face is getting in front of new prospects. We are all time-strapped, and the value of that time is even more important.

If you are a founder or a head of sales, we can save you time and get you or your team in front of more prospects. Smarketing Cloud is a managed lead gen service that will book meetings directly into your calendar. We can set up the whole inside sales function from sourcing the data to meeting booked.

Our outbound appointment setting service consistently ensures your diary is full of meetings with key decision-makers, using your day to actually sell, not prospect.

Key Services

Campaign Strategy

We work with you to build a full prospecting strategy that gets results. From market identification, right through to booking interested prospects into your diary.

Target Market Assessment

We are leaders in finding the decision makers in your target market. Just tell us what they look like and we do the rest.

Campaign Stage Setup

We co-ordinate targeted follow-up sequences perfectly crafted to capture maximum leads, and automatically remove prospects who reply at any stage.

Email Copy Creation

With vast amounts of experience and data across industries, we know how to craft cold marketing emails that will get you results.

Response management

Full management of all the replies you receive, no more spending hours cleansing through bounced emails. You only have to deal with the sales opportunities generated.

CRM & Appointment Setting

We can add leads directly into your CRM, and book calls into your diary. We help to manage the prospects, saving you valuable time and input.

Typical 6 Month Campaign

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1) Identify Visitor Company

By looking at the site visitors’ IP address, Smarketing Cloud identifies which company the visitor is from. Along with the company name, other important data points are also provided – including domain, employee strength, revenue, industry, location, social links and more.

2) Filter Qualified Accounts

This is a two step process. First, existing customers are excluded so you don’t cross over with lower end funnel campaigns. Second, we filter only right fit accounts through to the net stage. All companies who do not match the ICP will be excluded to save on media budget.

3) Find Decision Makers

Select the job titles that are relevant to your business ICP. We will find these perfect prospects from our own database of more than 100M, validate their information in real time and create a highly targeted list with full profile details – like name, designation, email, LinkedIn profile etc.

4) Run Targeted Campaigns

The prospect’s profile is hashed & automatically added to our audience matching technology. Prospects are then entered into any ad or marketing automation campaigns to nurture them through your ABM funnel. This creates a much better brand recall and higher conversion rate.

Account Based Marketing Software


The A.I powered B2B database


PPC Advertising Agency Ireland

We build and optimize data-driven, hyper-targeted campaigns that attracted, convert and nurture more customers and sales for your business.

Increase subscribers, engage and nurture customer relationships in real-time. Our Automation tools make it easier than ever to send personalized messages based on your customers’ behavior and purchase history.

To remain relevant on the sites your customers visit, make sure you’re using remarketing to show your brand and products wherever your potential customers are spending time and money.

All Web design Industries Services

Modern web design is the best way to showcase your modern business, and we can help you do that! We design, build and manage websites that convert traffic into leads for your business. 

Digital Marketing Consultant


Get found online! Our SEO service gets your website and key pages ranked high in the search engine results. Which means more relevant traffic to your site and leads flowing into your business. 

Emphasize your brand’s mission, vision, and other core values with social optimised content designed to tap into your specific target demographic and social awareness.

Use paid social media advertising to connect with your customers, drive targeted traffic and deliver more conversions across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and more.


Marketing Automation

Make money while you sleep! Leverage powerful marketing automation software and marketing AI to find and target the right customer, with the right message, at the right time.

Leverage advanced search technology to capture high-intent traffic. We can help you outrank your competition on Google, Bing, and more by optimizing your search landing pages.


Web Optimization

When running effective digital marketing activity, your likely driving a tone of visitors to your website. None of this matters unless you have a super-effective conversion rate optimization in play. 


Our funnel optimization services are the perfect way to improve your website’s conversion rates and maximize your sales. Experiment with your sales funnels for new products and services.


Content & Creative

Eliminate bottlenecks with channel-centric content marketing and creative design that looks good and makes money. Get content marketing that works.

Eye-Catching Web Design

Landing Pages

Make it easy for website users to navigate through your website. We will make your website user-friendly and optimised for conversions.

How it Work1

Link your ads, website and social media presence directly to a conversation engine that helps you and your customers simplify the process of buying. 

Outsourced Marketing Service

Drive sales by raising awareness and product offerings. Our eCommerce services apply the best principles to a proprietary multichannel, data-driven environment.


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