Proximity Network


One network, millions of consumers

Companies already own a variety of customer information. But what about the Point-of-Sale?

  • When is the customer nearby the store?
  • When do they actually visit it?
    In which departments do your customers dwell?
  • How long is the dwell time?
    Do your customers frequently visit the store, how often?
  • What are preferred days?
    Within the store your customers are closest to a purchase decision.
  • How can you engage with customers in this moment?
  • What is the acceptance rate of such local messaging?
    Customers should be incentivized and get access to exclusive content and services.
  • How can you ensure that the customer is in the store?


Our Proximity DMP gathers, processes and analyzes the data coming from the mobile SDK. APIs allow the storage of the data in your Smarketing CRM and marketing tools and the distribution to service providers of the Integrated Partner Network. Data and the resulting metrics can also be collected through 3rd party apps. In this case, access to infrastructures (e.g. beacons in a store) can be granted via the Cloud Infrastructure Management.


Location analytics are a powerful source to better understand your mobile customers. Insightful dashboards with actionable metrics show the real-world interactions. Offline audiences are created to be used within your existing CRM and analytics tools. Custom reports and APIs can be provided. The Proximity DMP adheres to strict EU privacy policies and avoids personal identifiable information (PII).

  • Unique visitor, visits and dwell times
  • Visit frequencies and paths
  • Mobile user and device interactions
  • Physical Web & Google Nearby Analytics


Location-based services are all about the right information at the right place and time. The Proximity DMP provides a turnkey solution to set up typical location-based customer journeys for your mobile app users. Increase mobile engagement with near-store and in-store content and services. With Beaconinside you can use and combine any kind of proximity technology: beacons, geofences or NFC.

  • Campaigns: Notifications & Conversion Rates
  • Increase loyalty by incentivizing POS check-ins and in-store interactions
  • Dynamic Geofencing with thousands of geofences
  • Access premium content with secure beacon networks


Managing large-scale beacon networks with thousands of beacon devices can be challenging. We simplify beacon fleet management so you are staying in control. The Beacon and Geofence Management supports businesses in a vendor-independent way to set up and manage large-scale and secure iBeacon and Eddystone beacon networks. Download the Beacon Manager for Android to get a first impression.

  • Beacon Diagnostics (last seen timestamp, activity status)Beacon configuration
  • Trending locations and heatmaps
  • Alerts & Reporting (battery level, defects, repositioning)



Actionable Analytics

User-friendly dashboards for individual reports

Real-time Audiences

Real-time visitor insights and user segment

Offline Support

Reaching customers anytime, even offline in case of bad signals

Proximity Services

Personalized in-store messaging based on beacons and geofences


Detect store visits to incentivize loyal customers

Online-to-Offline Attribution

Attribute online actions to offline conversion events

Offline Retargeting

Reengage with your store customers in online channels

Cloud Beacon Management

Vendor-agnostic management of iBeacon and Eddystone networks

Access & Monetization

Monetize infrastructures and grant granular access to partners

Data Privacy & Security

Strict EU privacy compliance through avoidance of PII

Open APIs & SDKs

Server-to-server APIs and Cross Platform SDKs for the fast integration

Verified Location

Securely access nearby digital content or coupons

What are the applications?

Oh…there are so many across all verticals. The best are the ones that deliver great experiences by simplifying the user interface, sending messages in the right place at the right time, or simply removing friction by triggering things automatically based on people’s presence and behavior.


Use beacons to enable simple and precise navigation that leads passengers to their gate and checks them in. For passengers at this modern airport, our technology is reducing the stress and hassle of travel, and making the whole airport experience smoother and easier.


Use Beacons to refresh the home turf of one of world’s most beloved teams with a new digital facade.


Deploying a network of beacons allows shopping centers into display contextual information about nearby places and coupons, transforming the visitor experience. The beautifully designed app even remembers your favorite stores when you leave.

Building an OS for the physical world

Our technology stack is making phones smarter, making locations more interactive, even giving ordinary objects a way to communicate information with smart phones or other devices. We’ve given smartphones extra senses to “see” more of the world around them and know more about their context, opening up an endless set of possibilities for richer, more personalized experiences.

Ireland’s largest independent network of Bluetooth beacons

Your mobile strategy, our network

A new era of digital marketing is here – deliver highly-contextual information to consumers’ mobiles.

Drive new revenue streams from your mobile app or web experience