Single Customer View (CRM)

Unified View of Customers Across Platforms


Real-Time Behavior

Track user behavior across websites and mobile apps. Marketing Cloud tracks anonymous user behavior using cookies or mobile device identifiers, and subsequently merges the anonymous user behavior with known user activity


Unlimited Customer Attributes

Every CRM attribute from your app/site is updated in Smarketing Cloud in real-time. There is no limit on the number of user attributes, and user attributes can be added dynamically with no schema definition


Product & Content Taxonomy

Understand what each customer is browsing or buying in the context of your product or content taxonomy: categories, brands, price points and more.


Lifetime Aggregates

Smarketing Cloud automatically computes lifetime aggregates (e.g. total revenue from a customer, or total number of visits), and stores that on the profile.


Predictive Scores

Marketing Cloud’s interaction graph and predictive technology compute predictive scores for users (e.g. churn score) and calculate affinities to various item attributes from your catalog.


Engagement with Marketing Messages

Marketing Cloud automatically captures marketing engagement data like email opens, push notification clicks and campaign metrics.


3rd Party Data

Easily augment user attributes with 3rd party data sources including social & demographic attributes. Blueshift integrates with several 3rd party data providers.