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What is a digital marketing platform and how can a marketing agency leverage it?

Digital marketing platforms are a collection of tools and technologies that allow businesses to promote their products and services online. These platforms can include social media management software, email marketing software, customer data platforms, chatbot software, advertising management software, lead generation tools, and marketing analytics dashboards. As a marketing agency owner, it’s important to understand

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5 ways a marketing agency owner can grow their business in 2023

As a marketing agency owner, you know that staying competitive and growing your business is essential to your success. In today’s digital landscape, there are plenty of opportunities to reach new clients and increase your revenue. Here are five ways you can grow your marketing agency in 2023: Utilize a digital marketing platform A digital

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How to grow your marketing agency with a digital marketing platform

As a digital marketing agency owner, you know that your success relies on your ability to effectively manage and execute marketing campaigns for your clients. With so many different clients and campaigns to juggle, it can be overwhelming to try and keep track of everything. This is where a digital marketing platform comes in. A

Using Behavioral Email Segmentation to Qualify Leads

A typical salesperson starts his day with a database full of unqualified prospects—a database that was populated by buying advertising, attending trade shows, purchasing prospects lists, or other networking activities. So, who do you call first? How do you know where to start? Here’s a proven way to help your salespeople find the prospects that