Social Advertising

Reach 99% of the social web with personalized ads

Technology that will make you a social advertising superhero— giving you the power to get things done faster while improving performance.

Whether you’re looking for a team of experts to handle all things social advertising, or just need extra capacity for reporting or during the busy seasons, our in-house ad operations team can handle all aspects of your campaign from strategy to creation, management, reporting, and optimization.

Better Results. Smarter Insights. Greater Scale.

When advertisers want their creative to have the greatest impact on social marketing they enlist Smarketing Cloud.



Data-Driven, Always

Smarketing Cloud uses data to do things others can’t even imagine.

From automatically triggering ads in real-time based on the weather, sports, and news alerts to identifying in-market consumers and attributing offline purchases to online advertising, we simply do more with data.

Focused on the Audiences That Matter

At Smarketing Cloud, we discover then engage the audiences that matter with hyper-personalized creative to ensure your message resonates and that your ad spend isn’t going to waste.